Open Letter to San Diego Council Woman Donna Frye

I’d like to share here my Letter to San Diego Council Woman Donna Frye from November 2005. It is the last chapter of my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children”. I posted it as an excerpt on my crowdfunding campaign.
The letter is as valid today as it was ten years ago.

Chapter 22

I would like to complete my book with the following letter which I wrote to mayor candidate Donna Frye. It sums it all up.

Open Letter to San Diego Council Woman Donna Frye

November 11, 2005

Dear Donna Frye,

Hi, my name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker and Spiritual Elder.

Although I live outside of society, I did read a couple articles in the San Diego Tribune-Union about the election race for mayor. I also visited your website, in order to get a deeper sense for you. Well – I gave you my virtual vote immediately! (smile)

Although it turned out that your opponent, former police chief Jerry Sanders, won the mayor’s seat, I am sure you will want to continue your service as a council woman for San Diego.

I feel inspired to writing and offering you my help.

However, to understand my message requires that you are willing to take off your “politician’s hat” and instead try on the thinking cap of a visionary – and – that you take a few deep breaths to shift your energy higher.

The broader visionary perspective will give you the advantage of seeing things from beyond of what they appear in the three-dimensional world. As a visionary you would be able to evolve from a politician to a true leader of the people. To me the voters’ preference for the police chief as mayor speaks of the fear and anxiety of the people. By the very nature of his role, he represents the male dominator who can only think within the framework of restoring the old order.

So in reading about the city of San Diego and its seemingly never-ending stories of corruption, deception, lies, lawsuits, etc. – I concluded that all is in right order, meaning the collapse of the Old World of power and control is fully underway. It is underway within the controlling apparatus of the Government in Washington, in the cities, towns and villages, down into every family, and not only in America, but everywhere in the world.

We as the human family are now living through a transition called The Shift of the Ages. Only those who change their perception and look at the world in terms of energy can comprehend what is going on. Most people feel only on unconscious levels that the energies are running rampant. They feel under great stress, but they are still unaware of what an extraordinary and critical time in human history we are experiencing.

As time speeds up further, whatever we are experiencing we will get more of. Every area of our life is being magnified and amplified, that is, the good is being amplified and gets better, and the bad is being amplified and gets worse.

We, the Lightworkers, are the ones who have learned to anchor these new energies that are flooding planet Earth; and in doing so have pre-paved the New World. We are the ones who are able to serve as the bridge people during the Shift, because we learned to live in both, the Old and the New World, simultaneously. Many Lightworkers agree that the prophesied date of 2012 will mark the completion of the Shift, but others foresee that we are already much further underway and that cataclysmic events will be far less severe than anticipated.

Another reason for offering you as a public servant my support is because I will love this city forever. (smile)

Never will I forget the day when I arrived in San Diego, in February of 1990, in order to get to know America for one year. When I left my hometown Hamburg, Germany, it was cold, gray, and unpleasant as usual in February.

When I stepped on American soil, it was like walking into a movie, and magic begun. For my arrival there stood Janet, and I knew in an instant that I had picked the nicest family in town as my host family! She put my luggage in her open Volkswagen and chauffeured me through the downtown avenues. What a picturesque panorama of skyscrapers! In the distance I saw the Pacific Ocean! I was overwhelmed by so much beauty, the marvelous climate with the palm trees and the gorgeous blue sky. Then I watched this incredible mix of people, this glorious melting pot in which all seemed to get along just fine. It made my heart sing to see such celebration of diversity, and I immediately connected with this Immigrant Spirit that is the heart and the greatness of America.

Well, the whole truth of my story is that I was guided from within to come to America in order to serve as a Lightworker during the time of the Shift. After living with my American husband in San Diego for three and a half years we moved to the back country in search of a healthier lifestyle. Here I received my spiritual preparation and wrote my book over a period of seven years.

The Issue of Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp

Back in 1991, when I got married and became a Californian resident I soon learned that the Golden State of California has a surf culture which includes growing and smoking marijuana.

Unfortunately, its prohibition for political reasons drove marijuana in the underground where it became part of the shady world of the War on Drugs.

In return the people had to learn and develop the Game of Deception. In other words, ethical values broke down, while lying and deceiving became more and more a normal way of human interaction, in the families, in schools, in city halls, in the White House.

Just recently I learned from watching TV about the black woman Rosa Parks and that she changed American history fifty years ago by the simple act of not standing up and giving her seat in the bus to a white American. She simply stepped into the role of the child that tells the crowd as it is – that the emperor is stark naked, that the old rules are outdated. In other words, the level of mass-consciousness-thinking in regards to the topic of race had reached critical mass and Rosa Parks served as the spell breaker or catalyst in shifting mass consciousness onto a higher level.

You, Donna Frye, in continuing your work as a public servant, could perform a comparable act of changing American history by putting the topic of prohibition of Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp on the City Hall table and calling for steps towards its legalization. This act of courage would truly connect you with the hearts of the people, and not only in San Diego, but everywhere.

Many Californians expected that Governor Schwarzenegger – in promising to serve all the people – would tackle the Cannabis issue. However, by now many view him as an actor who is perpetuating the saying that one cannot trust a politician.

By bringing the ambiance of your “California dreamin’ surfer image” into City Hall the people may have wondered whether you share with them the same fate of having to play one role from “8 to 5” and another as a private citizen once you come home and close your door.

Being an observer, it saddens me to watch how the young generation is being prompted to play the Game of Deception so early on in their lives. The deception that I see all around reminds me of life in the German Democratic Republic, where I grew up, after World War II. Listening to the enemy’s “West Radio” could get you into prison. One really had to watch out and be careful whom to trust. Here in America, one can be put in jail for smoking marijuana, the forbidden medicine. Both illegalities, ‘listening to capitalist radio stations’ and ‘smoking marijuana’ are about the topic of freedom. Both symbolize people’s hunger for information, for opening up the mind and thinking on their own – instead of being kept under political control.

What I had read in the paper about the mayor race sounded like ‘politics as usual’; it was basically about shifting budget numbers and how to milk the people for more money.

I am sure that you, Donna Frye, know that marijuana is considered the biggest cash crop in California and that it is anticipated as the next Californian ‘gold rush’. The medical marijuana dispensaries and co-ops are spreading fast. The new culture of Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp started in California where medical marijuana has been legal since 1996. Yet some politicians keep ignoring the will of the people and treat permit holders as “Cannabis criminals”. City Hall needs somebody to speak up to the fact that Cannabis could generate abundant revenues for the solution of all of the city’s problems.

Today those people who have informed themselves firsthand about Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp agree that this most resourceful plant for producing food, clothing, fuel, medicine, and for recreation, will bring prosperity and well-being to the next generation. It will be the permitted medical marijuana users – and I am one of them – who will lead the movement towards the legalization of marijuana, meaning that everybody can apply for a permit card. Once we reach this stage, it will mark the end of the War on Drugs.

Dear Donna Frye, from the visionary viewpoint you can be a more powerful influencer by not sitting in the mayor’s chair. Utilize your image as the now famous “council maverick” to begin a new era of politics by putting the topic of “Ending the War on Drugs” on top of your list. Call for the closure of a sad chapter in the Golden State’s history by demanding the release of all those from the San Diego prisons who are incarcerated in relation to marijuana. You would cause a wave of relief rippling throughout the collective consciousness of the people of San Diego and Southern California, and further.

Building Dome Village Katrina

My intent was to establish a model community here in the Jacumba area near the Mexican border where I have been living for eleven years. Unfortunately, I could not find anybody interested in joining and supporting my vision for a higher way of living. Instead I had to learn that this is the stronghold corner of male domination, where the “Good Old Boys” are in charge. Time for me to leave and look for a place that is welcoming my work as a Lightworker for America.

Standing at a crossroads, I would like to start forming an intentional, self-sustaining community somewhere else in California together with some people of the same wavelength. Being a fan of the indestructible Monolithic Dome, one of the superior dwellings of the future, the village will be built solely of domes, dome clusters, eco shells, concrete fences, etc.

Also, I want to gather a particular group of five young people, minimum age 21, who are passionate Humanitarians, and who want to join me in starting an “Apprenticeship as a New Community Builder” for the spreading of self-sustaining DomeVillages and DomeTowns in higher located, rural areas. After three years of Apprenticeship, they will have established a new occupation as a certified entrepreneur “New Community Builder” and be empowered to start on their own a new DomeVillage community, nearby or in another state, or country.

To me Hurricane Katrina induced the final stage of the disintegrating Old World and the emergence of the New World on Earth. Therefore I would like to call the first dome cluster “DomeVillage Katrina” in honor of Hurricane Katrina. This way DomeVillage Katrina would also get political attention, with the prospect of financial funding as a model community for the future.

Dear Donna Frye, do you want to sow a seed for the spreading of the self-sustainable living movement by becoming the patroness for this model community? Would you be interested in making “DomeVillage Katrina” a ‘pet project’ of yours? Do you want to sponsor the five Apprentices in creating and documenting a new entrepreneur profession for the youth generation? If so, can you help us to acquire a piece of land in a rural area? With this jumpstart you would be the seed sewer and we, the New Community Builders, would bring it to fruition.

The West coast cities will also get their share of Nature events. Some Lightworkers predict that the waters will globally rise up to nine feet. The rising water stands for the rising human consciousness. From the visionary perspective these events are catalysts for change; opportunities that allow people in great numbers to open their hearts toward their brothers and sisters for the giving and receiving of Love and Compassion. For that is what the Shift is all about: the opening of our human hearts to the Love Energy that has begun flooding our planet.

I doubt that the new mayor would be willing to entertain thoughts about the collapsing Old World and emerging New World. It matters not. His main task in the years ahead will be to ensure the basics for San Diego, such as power, housing, good water, fuel, and public order.

But you, Donna Frye the visionary “council maverick”, could step forward as the one who raises awareness among San Diegans towards making a new start on all levels and moving to higher ground – in every sense of the word.

Let us join forces as mapmakers and way-showers for the manifestation of the New World, foretold as the Age of Peace and Community Building.

I would appreciate to hear from you!

In service,

Karin Lacy, Lightworker